Tuesday, January 26, 2010

And Thee. . .

A loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and thee. . .

Now that Bob's sojourn in AZ has scaled back to every other week, we have a bit more time to explore this "empty nest with training wheels" thing. Last night that meant homemade bread from this book, wine and candlelight.

This morning my studio time was devoted to finishing up Christmas presents for us: new flannels. Funny how things always turn out better with unexpected problems - this time it was running out of flannel for the pillowcases and piecing as a result - much nicer!

The afternoon held a fun surprise. Since I'm the one (despite my California native status) who is more concerned about snow on the driveway, I went out to shovel our inch from last night. As I did, the patterns of Bob's tires where he drove out this morning remained, leaving a cool set of (I thought) abstract lines. Determined to capture them for a future quilt, I headed upstairs to the deck, and when I got there with the camera, here's what I captured:

An empty nest is full of love.

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