Sunday, January 10, 2010

Frank Lloyd Wright Inpired Waterfall

This quilt was headed back to the dorm today, so I nabbed a quick pic. The design was done by my daughter as a 6th grade art project to portray something in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright. She is pictured with her painting of the quilt design below:

I made the quilt for her as her graduation present from that wonderful school, Quest Academy. I needed to finish it in a hurry (as always), so I tried to quilt as you go with a sew & flip technique, and it worked! I may publish a lazy ladies guide to quilting yet!

In my hurry, I put the seam in the backing wrong side out, but it was a mistake that worked, because I like the result when covered up with blue & a label:

I love the combination of geometric abstractions of nature and (almost) solids. Maybe I'll design my own next!


  1. It's a stunner! Both the painting and the quilt!

  2. Thanks for your kind comments Karen! Slow going here in blogland - but I think I've got my links working now!

  3. Beautiful quilt! Your daughter's drawing is awesome and you did a great job turning it into a quilt.

  4. This is stunning, and I can't believe your daughter designed this in 6th grade! What a wonderful momento for her that you created this quilt. I've long thought Frank Lloyd Wright designs would be great format for quilts. It's nice to see one done.